Where did the challenge go?


Why is it that now the only challenge left in gaming is finding a game that takes more then a few quick time events to beat.

It has been a major problem with games for a long time now and I'm getting sick of all the hand holding going on in games.
I just finished metal gear rising last night and this might seem like a strange thing to compliment a game for but it was nice to fight a boss that could kick my butt if I wasn't good at the game.

Trackmania Nations

Trackmania Nations

If you haven't heard of Trackmania Nations now's as good a time as any to download its deceptively small installer (265Mb*) and have some fun with what appears to be a combination between a fairly decent race sim and an 8 year old kid's vision of what a race track should be.

Auto Assault partie deux

Auto Assault News

My second registration attempt with a different email address worked much better, albeit for something you would think was an automated process it still took around 6 hours.

These things are usually under some kind of NDA, but I can't seem to find one..

Auto Assault Beta Weekend

Auto Assault Beta

So, NCSoft "decided to give Penny Arcade as many keys as they had readers" for a beta weekend in what would seem to amount to a stress-test of their new MMO, Auto Assault. Penny Arcade Beta Weekend Signup Auto Assault Site

Now, I don't know if the problem lies with or NCSoft, but the signup would seem to be rather... spotty at best.

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