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Aracade Classics - an introduction to retro gaming - Part Three

The Monochrome Era

You were thinking I'd never add another part to this weren't you? Come on, it's only been eight years since I wrote the last part...

Grand Theft Auto Series - A Retrospective

Grand Theft Auto Series Retrospective Title"How can you possible review GTA?" Is probably the first question that occurs to people, and the second is "Why would you possibly review GTA?"

I don't think there's any point in discussing whether this game (series) is successful (it is), whether it's what people want (obviously, they do want it), or making any attempt to "bring it to people's notice", because now, everyone, absolutely everyone knows what GTA is. Most console gamers have probably played a GTA game, and some may even have finished one.

I look at the gap between what people perceive GTA to be, and what it actually is. The gap tells us something about the phenomena of successful games; not just the game of GTA, but the way it has evolved, the machine that made it a massive success, and also how these events relate to game-development and game-design.

Shock news: Atari still in business

Atari News

Everyone has heard of Atari. While most remember them as a console brand from the eighties, others remember their recent publishing efforts, such as Unreal II. With the publishing business becoming increasingly dominated by a handful of big players, is there a future for Atari?

Why do promising games get cancelled so often?

Stargate Or, whatever happened to Stargate SG-1: The Alliance?

It seems that the long awaited Stargate FPS has been cancelled. It's disappointing news for Stargate fans, and a dark day indeed for its development team. Are the rumours of SG-1's demise true, and if they are, why was the project abandoned?

The crazy wolf-man answers almost nothing of this and instead veers off topic and rants on and on about nonsense like the lunatic that he is.

Arcade Classics - an introduction to retro gaming


Everyone is busy getting all 'high definition' with their 360s, why would they want to play ancient old games with pixels the size of bricks? There are good reasons - reasons based on fun.

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