Auto Assault Beta Weekend

Auto Assault Beta

So, NCSoft "decided to give Penny Arcade as many keys as they had readers" for a beta weekend in what would seem to amount to a stress-test of their new MMO, Auto Assault. Penny Arcade Beta Weekend Signup Auto Assault Site

Now, I don't know if the problem lies with or NCSoft, but the signup would seem to be rather... spotty at best.

Hastur and I both signed up at the same time, from the same machine even (perhaps the problem lies here). Roughly 48 hours later Hastur got his key email, yet 6 hours after that still no sign of mine. The indignity of it all!

Two problems come to mind:

1. NCSoft already have a "full" beta registration process, would I be crazy in thinking this could have been passed through that system..

2. I applied for beta months ago using said registration process, you would think they would throw those of us that have expressed interest a crumb by sending out a key with a covering note to say it's just for the weekend.

Being at "the arse end of the world", as one of our Prime Ministers famously put it, the 3GB client download to play the beta is a considerable bandwidth investment for one weekend, so doing it the once between two people was a consideration in bothering to sign up at all. The quasi-guaranteed acceptance made it a bit more reasonable when you split the 'cost' between two.

Who knows, perhaps my email will arrive before the weekend officially begins.. but I won't be halting my respiratory functions in anticipation.