Mario Kart 8 Review

Mario kart 8 Review

This review is my first and I will cover different parts of the game under different sections. I will be covering (concept , gameplay , controls ,Modes , visuals , replay value , online and final score) so lets begin.


The Mario kart franchise has been around since the days of the super Nintendo and is highly popular with pretty much all of Nintendo fans. Mario kart 8 is the return of the franchise to consoles (the last game being Mario kart wii).Obviously Mario kart 8 is a kart racing game that is well known and usually part of peoples childhood memories. You get to choose from a variety of characters and kart's then you are off to race your heart out in grand Prix , multiplayer or online. That is pretty much the main concept of Mario kart 8 summed up.


The previous Mario kart title was Mario kart 7 and that game added loads of new feature's that return in Mario kart 8 like Kart customisation , underwater driving and air gliding but this time those features feel like they are in the game for a good reason more than just being a gimmick. Kart customisation lets you create your own kart choosing a type of wheels , kart and air glider that all affect your average speed , weight etc. The feature makes you think carefully about not just what looks pretty but what performs better.
A new feature is called anti gravity racing and although you may not be able to tell you are in antigravity other than your wheels changing it adds a new element of gameplay. When in anti gravity if you bump into another players kart you will both get a little speed boost so you have to think carefully about when to strike as you could end up giving your opponent a speed boost.
Also this time Nintendo has provided a answer to the dreaded blue shell called the super horn. It will stop anything within a ranged limit including items and players. Another new item is the crazy 8 which gives you eight items to use however you want.


Mario kart 8 controls very good with tight controls for the gamepad and pro controller however I have not had the chance to test motion controls so I can not comment on how they perform. The only downside to the controls is you can not change the layout of your buttons. So a short paragraph but there is not much to say.


There are plenty of modes to keep you entertained like the classic
. Grand Prix . vs race . Battle mode . Online races . Time trials . Ghost data
The only disappointing mode is battle mode which is the mode that in older games used to be played with a group of friends or at party's. The battle modes iconic arenas have been replaced with just exact replicas of the race tracks and that is not very fun to play in. Its a shame as online battle modes would have been so fun in Mario kart 8 but there is still time for DLC battle arenas.


The visuals of Mario kart 8 are stunning if you are used to playing Mario kart wii or Mario kart 7. If you have not played those games I recommend watching a gameplay video of Mario kart wii compared to Mario kart 8. The difference is stunning and long time Nintendo fans will be truly happy with this games graphics when you are in a race you will appreciate the beautiful graphics but when you view replays in Mario kart TV in slow motion you see a even more detailed game that shows little details you did not even notice.


The online mode consists of the normal races and battles with a new addition tournaments. Players can set a time and day to have their tournament and then anyone can join in and try to win the tournament whether it is weekly or just a one off. Matchmaking in Mario kart 8 is improved highly over previous games I have only ever received a connection lost error 1 or 2 times. Also if in a online race you get to far behind or are driving backwards the game will disconnect you to stop trolls which is a really good thing.

Replay Value

The replay value in Mario kart 8 is obviously high and with a high chance of DLC maps and characters there will be loads to do in the game including competing in online races and tournaments and maybe testing the battle mode with your friends. But overall the is loads to keep you playing the Italian plumbers latest racing game.

Final score

Mario kart 8 is one of the best Mario kart games I have ever played with only a few down points like battle mode the good points completely outbalances the bad. For my first game review I am going to give Mario kart 8 a 9/10 or 9 koopa shells out of 10