Wind of Luck: Arena, new MOBA naval battle game

The beginning of September is the synonym for fresh starts, so the studio Trazzy Entertainment, developers of a nice pirate shooter "Revenge of Roger Rouge" decided it is the right time to present their latest game. By looking at the game’s logo and screenshots, you can tell that this is a high seas themed game. Indeed, is there a player that never wished to became a captain and sail the seven seas? Before we introduce you to the game "Wind of Luck: Arena", let us go back a few decades into the past and remind of events that have influenced the development of the naval battle games and the MOBA genre.

The Game and Its Origins

In nineties, personal computers were just coming out on the big stage and finding large-scale use in the home environment. Amiga 500 was synonym for a good gaming machine, in addition to the indisputable abilities for more serious assignments.

Limited in resources, players regarded the purchase of floppy disk games as an investment, so the titles that enrich their home collection had to be top notch. Numerous game manufacturers that fell into oblivion soon realized that market cannot tolerate any failures. Such a fate, thankfully, not befallen the game “Pirates!” and similar, which served as inspiration for authors of the “Wind of Luck: Arena”.

Previous generations of computer games had all that was needed to keep players stick to the screen for hours - the excitement, the fun and the gameplay. However, playing against the computer became predictable, especially for the experienced players. They learned exactly what kind of response to expect from the computer as a result of their actions. Linearity was also present in the actions of players, and creativity was limited by already predefined scripts. Of course, there was no mention of multiplayer games, since the internet was still inaccessible to the wide audience.

Multiplayer Arena with Advanced Graphics

It seems that the development of technology and the availability of the broadband internet acted very favorable not only for serious business users. It also affected the gaming industry, which is becoming increasingly relevant factor in the global economic scene. Creators of the “Wind of Luck: Arena” skillfully took the advantage of all the benefits of it, creating a game that combines advanced graphic solutions and multiplayer arena. Mentioned restrictions are reduced to a minimum, while at the same time management capabilities for all fans of the spectacular naval battles are extended.

Competing titles are mostly based on the latest technology combat ships, but many players would rather like to know more about the maritime history and explore the different ships. "Wind of Luck: Arena" sets you in the role of the captain of a one basic vessel of three very different shipbuilding traditions - Caribbean, Mediterranean and East Asian.

Exciting Battles Where Only Skill Matters

“Wind of Luck: Arena” is centered on the naval battle - dynamic, decisive and devastating constant action where skillful captains can sink much bigger ships, using a wide variety of different tricks and unusual actions. The game features team Vs team battles, which allows you many combinations. You can fight against random opponents or train together with your friends, sharpening various combat skills and exploring various locations. Battles will take place in truly special seascapes which offer not only a good spectacle, but also the tactical challenge of a variety of battle conditions. Reflection of the ship in the sea, traces of its movement and the wind that fills the sails will make you feel like you're really in the middle of the naval battle.

After the battle, you will be awarded with fame, expertise and money. The game has its own currency – piasters – and you can use it with other assets to improve your existent ships and acquire new ones in the fleet. Every ship has its strong points and vulnerabilities, and even the small schooner can achieve victory against a heavy frigate.

Forum abounds with very useful information about ships and shipbuilding history from ancient times. It may be a very useful resource on the basis of which you will decide which ship to choose and what tactics to apply.

The Bottom Line

At the moment, there are not so many popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) titles related to naval battles. We can enthusiastically conclude that Trazzy Entertainment, developers of the "Wind of Luck: Arena", sets the new standards. Studio is working efficiently on correcting any eventual deficiencies in the game that is in the Beta phase, and new patch is already available for download. Also, new features such as new ships, weapons and specialists and additions are planned, as well as many other improvements. Video tutorial and forum are available for all new players, who will find no problem to familiarize with the game.

Summer break is over, but the scent of sea was not faded. Register to the game and make it last for long, long time. Set your sails on the high seas, there is nothing that can stop you on your way to be a true sea wolf!