Magecraft review - new MMORTS game on Facebook

I was going to write a review on “MageCraft” by Plarium for a long time now. So, finally, I’ve found a time to do it.

Like all the other games created by Plarium, “MageCraft” has excellent graphics – everything looks very nice, a true eye candy. I should also say that the interface is quite convenient.

Purpose of the game

It’s a browser based strategy: you upgrade buildings, conduct researches, gather your army, attack other players and special locations. You can play by your own or join one of the alliances.
The basis for development is upgrading your main building – the Stronghold. The higher is the level of your Stronghold, the more other buildings you can erect, and those buildings in their turn allow you to produce more resources, train more units etc.


In Magecraft you need resources mainly to hire units. There are four of them in the game: infantry, scouts, occult and legionary.
Legionary are the most strong and general service of all units, they beat all the others, but they require crystals and special items (which frequently drop in the game though). Your attack strategy depends on your units’ type. During an attack the weakest units are first to wipe out; when the weakest ones are destroyed – it is turn for stronger ones and so on until the end.

I like the idea of armor and equipment for marshals. Marshals are leaders that lead your army into battle. Every marshal has their unique characteristics which upgrade after each battle, while armor and equipment can add to their advantage. Armor can be crafted in the Workshop by the recipes.


There are three maps in the game: castle map, kingdom map and global map. Kingdom map shows castles of other players, Wild Marches and Marauders’ Asylums. You can farm other players’ castles and Asylums and get resources from there. I especially love the Wild Marches feature – by capturing those you can boost your resources output. To capture more Wild Marches you should upgrade the Prefect’s Mansion.


Among other perks I should mention daily quests and global quest. Daily quest changes every day: sometimes its goal is to attack other players, Marauders’ Asylums, capture the maximum amount of resources and so on. For successful completion of a mission you get chips which you can use to spin the Roulette and win some goodies: units, crystal etc. Global quest is a tougher task. You are to attack location (such as Rim of the World). You can attack it more than once. For each successful attack you get some of the unique resources ­­­– Onyx, for example, which can buy you some strong units, that can’t be bought in the ordinary training camp.


Bonuses for alliance members are worth mentioning as well. Alliances fight on the global map for Obelisks and Great Wonders. Also there is a special quest for alliance players – the Lord of the Kingdom. It’s a battle for Temple of Might. All players of the winning alliance get valuable prizes for conquering it. Only members of an alliance can fight for the Temple of Might using special units – the King's Wraiths. You can get the Wraiths as reward for defeating the Marauders and other players.

To sum up I’d like to say that the game will be interesting for both the individual players, who’d like to build the castle and occasionally attack Marauders and other players, and for hardcore gamers, who prefer to join alliances and spend all their time in constant battles. Anyway, you won’t be bored – that’s for sure.


Play Magecraft on the Facebook.
Go to official site.

I hope you enjoyed my review.

Pictures were taken from the official site.