Neo Scavenger

Have you ever played a game that is so incredibly hard, that you can't get past the first level or a challenging part of a game that you can beat no matter how hard you try or how much you change your strategy. Neo Scavenger is the embodiment of that idea. Neo Scavenger is about micromanaging your stats, having food and water, not freezing to death, finding a vehicle and a weapon while trying to get to Detroit. I never got to Detroit. Sometimes you get lucky and find a safe, some snack cakes and a pistol. Other times, you end up with 15 shards. This game is a game of luck, like Plinko, as it's up to the game if you even find anything. I love survival rouge likes, such as DCSS or ADOM, but when the game doesn't even give you a chance, it's not an entertaining experience, it's just work and worrying. This section deserves a 1.75/2 because of it steep learning curve but it keeps you on your toes scavenging everything you can. Enough of the synopsis, time for the categories!


The story is broken into, fragments, starting with you waking up in the cryo facility, going to Detroit and eventually meeting friends. Most of the time the story involves you dying on your way there. Because of the lack of information, I'd give it a 0.5/2


The game has a niche appeal with some people because, as I mentioned before, it keeps you on your feet. In some cases, it can be great, like when you find a shotgun with ammo but 3 Bad Mutha's jump you. In other cases though, you'll be scavenging the Earth and the stars above for food or water or even just a nice place to sleep.z You have to make sure your character's stats are met or else you lose stamina points, which limits your movement. This can be annoying, as being even two points down from "Sated Thirst" (which is the maximum), thirsty or "Sated Hunger" which is hungry, makes you lose 2 points automatically. If you get hit in battle, say your farewells to that point, it's not coming back until you get some bandages and painkillers. Moving is an essential part of the game, one of the main elements as you need to move to get food, water, weapons and clothes. You can move into enemies to get into battles, but they're unintuitive and a chore. You're going to have to rely on the text, which tells you your range from your opponent, what kind of terrain there is, if you're in range for an attack, and the stars and planets align, you may land a scratch on your opponents. It's just enough to make them bleed, and slowly they bleed out and pass out, then you can beat them senseless, until their in your inventory as a corpse, which you can then make into steak in the crafting screen, by putting the corpse and something with a sharp edge together. You do get better the more you play, I went from dying in 3 minutes, to playing on for 45 minutes. On the map, you move along hexes and each hex costs 1 movement point, unless your going through a city, then it costs 2. Moving along hexes is slow and repetitive and as far as I know, running doesn't actually increase how fast you move, just how many movement points your slow stroll takes. Overall, because of it's niche appeal and trial and error but because of how repetitive some aspects can be, it deserves a 1.75/2.

Music & Graphics

I had to combine these two categories, because they are so minimal. The music is your generic music and the sound effects are just stock sound effects. There isn't that much to say. The graphics are sprites on the hex map screen, and in story sequences they are drawn and beautiful. Unfortunately, the story sequences are so minimal that it's not even worth talking about. Usually, this won't apply or affect the score, but since it's an indie game, I'll give it some slack. Overall, this category deserves a 3.25/4


Overall, this game is an acquired taste. If you're the type of person who like rougelike games with the learning curve steeper then the Uncanny Valley and a bitter disdain against the unbroken things in your house, then pick this game up. If you're looking for a survival rougelike game set in a realistic world........look at some videos and see if you like some the aesthetic and gameplay. Otherwise, stay away from this one. This game gets the above average score of 7.25/10. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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