About Game-Review.Org

What is Game-Review.Org ?

Game-Review.Org is a site where you can read game reviews, comment on game reviews and write your own game reviews. We also intend to review computer and console hardware, particularly peripherals used for gaming, such as controllers, steering wheels, even TVs and monitors.

Sign up for free membership

Use the contact form on the "contact us" page. Send your name, desired user-name and email address and an account will be created for you. Feel free to add any extra information. If you want to write for the site, just say so in your email... Signing up for Game-Review.Org is free: all you need is an email address. We won't give out your email address to anyone else, nor do we run mailing lists or send you junk ourselves. The benefit of signing up is that you can post comments and on forums with your own unique identity, it also allows you to create new forum topics.

Anonymous Users

Anonymous users may not create anything because idiotic spambots were filling up the moderation queue despite the facts their spam never saw the light of day...

Our plans

We will be adding a league table of games that will allow anyone to vote on how good they think games are. It will be fully searchable. With this system we will also be adding the facility for anyone to write a game review. All the reviews will appear with the game data. In the meantime, feel free to use the forums to post any reviews, send them to us with the contact form, or email us at admin@game-review.org.

Help promote the site

If you don't think the people you want to hear from are writing on this site, then let them know about it any way that you like. They can come here and write reviews or articles, just like anyone else. Remember, this is a community site, promoting it to the people you like will make it better for you.

Why the eye in the pyramid logo?

If you really believe logos make any kind of sense... The pyramid represents the game industry, with the publishers at the top, making the money, and the gamers at the bottom, spending it. The eye is a metaphor for impartial comment, watching everything that goes on. If you have a better logo idea, feel free to send it to us.