Trackmania Nations

Trackmania Nations

If you haven't heard of Trackmania Nations now's as good a time as any to download its deceptively small installer (265Mb*) and have some fun with what appears to be a combination between a fairly decent race sim and an 8 year old kid's vision of what a race track should be.

The unfortunate part is it seems the touranment apparently started on the 27th of last month. Given the developer, Nadeo, is french it seems to have lacked the wider publicity "a video game ... specially developed for the Electronic Sports World Cup" would need to capture a World audience.

But, never mind that; it looks great, runs fast and smooth, and there's bound to be some chance at online play if you think you're up to it (there's a definite learning curve between GT, NFS, and other racing games and TMN)

The downside; it's a free downloadable game, and yet it seems to contain starforce or some other garbage that forces you to reboot after install....


* Sure, small, I mean what do you get on 1/2 a CD these days? :) Ok, it's not the 90's when magazines were irritated that Id could possibly want them to give out *two* cover floppies... but yeah.