Gamestop taking Playstation 3 game pre-orders

Playstation 3 News

The hype machine for Playstation 3 is gathering speed, and eager retailers are joining in, hoping that another new console release will provide a boost to sales. Gamestop recently listed a number of Playstation 3 games on its website for preorder. Thirty of the titles are predicted to hit shelves by the start of October 2006, with an alleged release data for Metal Gear Solid 4 of December 2006. Wishful thinking?

It's common knowledge that pre-ordering a game only benefits the retailer. Very few games sell out in the first few days, and it's almost certain that whenever the Playstation 3 actually launches it will be actual consoles, not games, that will be in short supply.

Unless the retailer is giving you something impressive in return, there's no reason to pre-order a game that may not release on the expected data, and may not even release at all. I remember pre-ordering Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, but when it eventually released, months late, I didn't go in to pick up a copy: by that time I knew the game was going to be awful.

That ambitious list of releases in full:

October 1st, 2006:

  • I-8
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins
  • Dark Sector
  • Devil May Cry 4
  • Dirty Harry
  • Dog Tag
  • Eyedentify
  • Fifth Phantom Saga
  • Fight Night Round 3
  • Formula 1
  • Gundam World
  • Heavenly Sword
  • Killing Day
  • Killzone 2
  • Metronome
  • MotorStorm
  • NioH
  • Possession
  • Project Delta
  • Psychopath
  • Scarface: The World is Yours
  • Spider Man 3
  • Stranglehold
  • Tekken
  • The Darkness
  • The Getaway 3
  • Theseis
  • Vision Gran Turismo
  • Warhawk

December 1st, 2006:

  • Metal Gear Solid 4