Play Day of Defeat: Source for Free

Day of Defeat: Source

The nice people at Valve will be making Day of Defeat: Source available to play for free on Steam this weekend (10th - 12th).

The free period runs from February 10th to February 12th, with play commencing at 12pm (noon) PST.

What will you need to do for some free DoD: Source action?:

  1. Install Steam
  2. Create an Account
  3. Download DoD: Source
  4. Play DoD: Source

You can complete the first three stages in advance of the free weekend and be ready to play as soon as the free period begins.

Though there were some minor intial problems with Steam when it first launched, when it was overwhelmed by the number of people rushing to play Half Life 2, it's been running smoothly for a long time now. I haven't had a problem with it since the initial difficulties were resolved.

Supporting Steam supports creativity. Steam paves the way for developers to make the money from their games, rather than lion's share of profits going to publishers. Steam offers a route to market for the kind of innovative games that have previously been strangled by cautious publishers over the last few years.