Halo 2 will be crippled to only run under Windows Vista

Halo 2 News

Bungie have announced that the forthcoming Halo 2 for PC will only run under Windows Vista. Bungie's so called announcement amounts at best to empty sales-speak and a blatant plug for the new Microsoft Operating System, and at worst to an poorly executed attack on anyone that dare question the Bungie corporate posture and an affront to our intelligence. Read more about why we're not impressed by what they have said about this topic.

What's annoying is not that Bungie have elected not to release Halo 2 on a viable popular platform, but that we are supposed to swallow their corporate-speak customer relations exercise. Do they really think that PC gamers are so naive?

Bungie are perfectly entitled to restrict their games to the platforms of their choice, for whatever reasons they like. However, when the reasons they produce don't make sense, we are entitled to draw attention to it. e.g. Their only hint of a reason for not supporting Windows XP is as follows:

The game WILL be for Windows Vista, as in, not for Windows XP, so you have a while to get used to that and complain to me about what a jerk I am to Windows 3.1 users.

Now, far be it from me to point out the glaringly obvious (though I'm going to anyway), but this supposedly witty comparison is nonsense. Putting Windows XP and Windows 3.1 in the same category makes about as much sense as putting current single-core Pentium 4s in the same category as a 12MHz 286.

So, skipping on past that ill considered blow-off for anyone running an operating system that is actually out of beta, which was presumably intended to grab some extra publicity for Bungie by blowing up a furore... Let's get right to the heart of it: over at Bungie's elite think-tank they've decided to only release Halo 2 on PC for an OS that nobody has yet, and which isn't likely to sell to home users in any quantity for several years, if ever. It's a bit like saying the only CPU they will support is Itanium.

Presumably, once the three fanbois who are so desperate to own Halo 2 on PC that they will buy a new OS just to do so have bought their copies, no more will be sold until it hits the bargain basement bin. Nice one Bungle boys, everyone loses.

Of course, you may ask the question: "Why would I want Halo 2 on my PC anyway?" It's a good question to ask. Why would anyone want to play a port of (what will be) a somewhat dated console game when they could play one of the cutting-edge FPS games that will be released for PC in the meantime? Isn't it just full of stuff that was in Half Life 2 last year, and Unreal II the year before that? You could argue that they aren't really going to lose many sales because they weren't going to any worthwhile business on PC to begin with.

It's likely that those people who really need to play Halo 2 will be able to buy an Xbox 1 for less than the price of a copy of Windows Vista anyway.