NVIDIA release suspect presentation - or maybe they don't


A mysterious internal presentation attacking ATI, allegedly produced by NVIDIA, but devoid of honesty, corporate watermarks or author information has been 'showing up' in various places.

The report, which is primarily an attack on ATI's Crossfile technology is a rather suspect beast. Not only does it distorts the truth with regard to the advantages of NVIDIA's SLI technology over CrossFire - or at least lists irrelevant features that SLI ticks and CrossFire doesn't, or perhaps it could but they choose not to tick them anyway - but there's nothing to indicate where it really came from.

If this was really the work of NVIDIA, it's certainly shabby and suspect enough for them to be afraid of putting their name to it. Have the video card wars become so fierce that NVIDIA need to resort to such low tactics in an attempt to smear ATI?

It's likely we'll never know who really authored the presentation, but it contained nonsense like this:

Stable and proven technology YES (1.5 years) NO
Scalability logic in CPU YES NO
Works w/o expensive compositing chip YES NO
Inter-GPU connection Internal connector External dongle between cards
Works without special master card YES NO
Entire ecosystem of compatible products YES NO
Highest AA quality setting 16X 14X
Supports Four GPUs YES NO