Xbox 360 security shows more cracks

Xbox 360 News

Xbox-Scene has posted a full write up of work done by people at 360GameSaves on opening up the Xbox 360 hard-drive and memory cards. It is now possible to get saved games from an internet database or to use cheats to modify saved games.

Features include:

  • FULL Read/Write to 360 HDDs.
  • FULL Read/Write to 360 Memory Units.
  • Physical and Logical drive access.
  • Support for opening of dumps of both devices.
  • Backup/Restore dump options.

Presumably, much to Microsoft's relief, none of this has anything to do with playing copied games. However, it does open up the copying of save-games, with attendant spoilage of games.

Live should remain unaffected. It's also possible that dashboard updates and changes in the way new game releases save may prevent this sort of approach to transferring saved games for future titles.

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