Sony claims PS3 to ship in spring

Playstation 3 News

Sony have boldly claimed that the eagerly awaited Playstation 3 will ship in spring 2006. Meanwhile business analysts suggest that even a limited Japanese launch would likely not happen until summer 2006, but will be in time for the Christmas trade. Apparently, some analysts are unaware of how the Japanese seasons work: summer 2006 would mean the PS3 is available now.

Of course, terms like spring are rather vague when you take the difference in timing of the seasons between the nothern and southern hemisphere into account. Presumably, Sony mean spring in Japan, which will suggests a launch barely early enough to grab any of the Christmas 2006 market - but does match up to previous predictions regarding BluRay etc.

It would seem that Sony have deliberately made vague use of seasons to indicate the release date so that US readers will be confused and believe that a release is imminent, or will appear by August 2006 in the US, even according to indpendent analysts. In truth it really means that Sony hope to get the machine out in time for Christmas/New Year in Japan and may well miss the US holiday market altogether.

There seems to be nothing but nonsense being talked about the Playstation 3 right now, with the claims that it will cost Sony $800 to manufacture each unit: cost estimates that appear to be based on the electronics manufacturer buying every component from a third party at near retail price rather than manufacturing most of their own parts.

Similar nonsense was, and still is, bandied about with regard to the Xbox and how much it costs Microsoft to sell each unit. Strangely though, it was shown that at a pinch, you could buy a more powerful PC for less than the price of an Xbox. The evidence seems to indicate that the huge manufacture cost estimates for Xbox and Playstation are wrong. They don't stand up to mathematical reasoning or empirical test.

Meanwhile, Microsoft are not even able to keep up with devkit demand for the 360, which is probably going to hurt their title availability down the line. I suppose it's better than Nintendo's Revolution, which by their own admission has no devkit yet, though Nintendo has devkit for the bizarre wand controller. Presumably, these controller kits work with old GameCube development hardware.