Review - Droid Assault

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Droid Assault is a independent game available on Steam for $5. Droid Assault is developed by PuppyGames and is a ingenious piece of work that combines old gameplay with new effects and abilities. The game follows a traditional "get as far as you can" method of scoring found in arcade machines, though it is divided into sections, so you can start the game from any one section after completing it.

This 2D shooter places you in as a virus bot that is meant to subjugate the other bots and then use them. The company who made you has been taken over by another virus and needless to say you are their last hope. You start as silent, invisible bot which the enemies are completely unaware of (unless you activate a free key, giving you the ultimate bot right off the bat!) from which you transfer into one bot. Your ability to transfer and spread is limited and measured by your transfer points. Every bot has a level, your first bot being level 0. When you transfer into a bot your transfer points are consumed in a ratio of 1:1 with that bots level. So it is possible to have a swarm of weaker level 1-2 bots or a few higher level 3-6 bots. Your bots are automatically controlled but you may take control of any one of them using your number keypad/the top row of your keyboard. Bot models each have a different weapon which can penetrate different armor types, but the battery will often run out quickly, which is equivalent to a clip. Your battery recharges however, so you can go off on a blitz once again.

The gameplay of Droid Assault is fun, but not spectacular. You often feel limited by the few weapons available to you and their low battery size. If you do happen to find some of the unique or stronger bots you can simply wreck everything in your path. For example, the EMP bot instantly destroys all enemies around it with 1-2 clicks, while the shredder or rapid-fire shredder bots can wreck you or your enemies in seconds. One of the ultimate weapons, the military laser, will simply burn through every armor and bot with 1 shot, but takes a while to recharge, making it relatively balanced.

Droid assault is divided into sections of about 5 levels, with a boss or swarm round at the end of each section. These sections can be fun to replay, but some rounds lack luster or strategy, with 1 round simply being a mass of armored turrets. If you're quick about it, Droid Assault can take about 2 hours to complete, while many more to master.

All-in-all Droid Assault is worth $5, and if it drops below $3 it better be in your Steam Library. Thanks for getting this far, and if you're interested, check out my YouTube channel, IndieGamerBrok.