The Bureau-xcom Declassified

I've been thinking lately and I've come to realize that it has been a long time since we had a good Squad-based Shooter. The last good one I can remember was GRAW 2(Ghost recon advanced warfighter 2).It has been six years since that game came out and after playing xcom Declassified....the wait goes on.

The game opens with our protagonist William Carter.He is a man who has a tortured past..and that is all we know.To say that the storytelling in xcom is uncreative would be giving it to much credit,it's just a standard alien invasion story with a plot twist that you will see coming a mile away.But story isn't why I got this game and that is why I will not spend time on it because I don't think the developer did either.

The Squad-based shooting is why I got this game and when you start off it seems like it will be strong in this aspect, until I realized that the squad members they give for the tutorial mission are at max level and the abilities that they have aren't that effective,each class has two powers that will help out and the rest are there for you to use while you wait for there two attacks to recharge.
The reason that the class abilities for your team mates aren't all that interesting is because all the good ones are saved for Carter,so the only thing your team mates are good for is taking all the bullets while you line up your next head shot.
There are four classes in the game,Recon who can get a one shot kill and can call in an airstrike(even if you're indoors). Enginieer who can deploy a rocket/laser turret,and drop a anti-personal mine, Support who can drop combat stims and a shield that can block all enemy fire for a short time,and the Commando who will let you push the start button, reload your last save so you can go back to base and pick a new team mate because Commandos are useless.
They're meant to be a tank and take all the bullets,but when most of the time you're team mates go down in a few shots anyway , having a class that is meant to do that just seems counter productive.
When a team mate goes down you have a limited time before they bleed out,and in true xcom fashion, are dead for good. You can send the other team mate to get him but then you risk having two guys that need to be revived so you might as well do it yourself,or just leave them but good luck getting to the next checkpoint with only one dude.
One of the major problems with the game play is that the AI(or lack there of) for you're team mates is terrible.You can put your guys behind cover but it won't take long before they decide that the best plan is to run strait into the enemy lines,and then call for help when they find out the hard way that they can't fist fight the giant spider robot.

I will admit that I did have some fun with the game.There were times when everything would go to plan and I could see the potential that this game had,but it doesn't take long before those brief moments pass and we are left with boring cover-based shooting tedium. Like I said before everything in is game just gets so tedious by the 3rd hour that it makes playing through it more like a job then something I would do to have fun.
There is a part at the end of the game when you have to hold your ground and kill all the aliens,this takes about half an hour and if you die you have to start all over.

The graphics would be half way decent if it weren't for the constant texture pop-in at the start of every mission/cutscene.
The presentation as a whole is lacking.There is constant screen tearing,frame rate drops, and glitches,so many glitches. My favorite was when the game went to black and then rebooted to the playstation home page causing me to replay a good 30 mins to get back to were I was.

In the end The Bureau xcom declassified is a game that had a lot a good ideas but fails in the execution.
If it had a few more months of development it could have been something great but as it stands it is not worth your time.

The only time I really felt motivated to keep playing is when I decided I wanted to beat the game and not let the game beat me.
It gave me something to fight for, something to keep me pushing forward,something too...ah screw it this game sucks.