Where did the challenge go?


Why is it that now the only challenge left in gaming is finding a game that takes more then a few quick time events to beat.

It has been a major problem with games for a long time now and I'm getting sick of all the hand holding going on in games.
I just finished metal gear rising last night and this might seem like a strange thing to compliment a game for but it was nice to fight a boss that could kick my butt if I wasn't good at the game.
It makes beating all the better because you had to work for your victory which is a allot better than Ninja Gaiden 3's approach which was basically to apologize if it hit you to hard.

I never played through all of Ninja Gaiden 3 but when I played the demo the game felt to dumbed down that it was barely a Ninja Gaiden game.
Ever time I went to attack an enemy the game would stop me mid-combo for a button prompt that would cripple the enemy and make them an easy kill,this is not how these games work.
In the previous games you would have to use a mix of light and heavy attacks if you wanted a chance of surviving, in 3 you could use light and heavy attacks but it was there just if you wanted to use it,not because you needed it.in the older games even if you utilized all you're attacks there was no guarantee that you would survive,you would still need make sure your not leaving you're self open to one of the enemy's health bar draining attacks.It may just sound like the older games were cheap but when you finally get into the flow of combat it is the most satisfying game you to play.
Getting a 90 on a test is great when you know that you are the reason you got a good grade.
Now that I'm done with my Ninja Gaiden 3 rant I can move on.

The problem started when games got more mainstream and game developers had to make games that everyone could enjoy so making a game that would kill you an the tutorial level (again Ninja Gaiden)didn't seem like a good idea. For some reason there has been a considerable amount a effort from game developers to take away control from the player, like I said before quick time events,
and I think the reason is that they want to show you cool things to look at but if you try to interact most games will just instakill you.
For example when I played Medal of Honor Warfighter there was a part where I had to take out a sniper and the game told me to call in a airstrike."I don't need an airstrike" I said " I can just shoot him from here". So I did then I jumped down to the next part of the level and then died instantly.I didn't know what killed me so I did the same thing again and again the game killed me.The game would not let me continue unless I did exactly what it wanted and no room for experimentation or creativity. If you are doing what the game wants it won't dare kill you because you might get angry and quit.

If you really to test your skill in games you're best bet is to just jump online and fight other players and feel good about you're self when you out smart another player.
For those of you who are looking for a good game that makes you think as well as test your reflex's I would highly recommend that you check out League of Legends.
You have probably already heard of it because it gets advertised on almost every gaming site and for good reason.
I've played it a fare bit with a friend of mine and when we would get the drop on a few unsuspecting players for a double kill many high fives will be had.
The best part about it is that you have options.You can build an all DPS champion so you can take whole teams at once or you can build a healing/support Champion so you can stand behind the fight and let you're team sort out all the big boy stuff.

Lately I have seen more old school principals make its way back into gaming with games like The Last of Us.
In that game you have no objective marker and if you don't take the time to find supplies you would a very hard time making it through to the end.Even if you were well stocked on ammo that didn't mean you could just run in guns blazing because that kinda crap will get you killed. You're Call Of Duty skills will not transfer well into this dojo.

Anyway I think I've gone on long enough.
I will try to update this on a bi-daily basis but no guarantee's