Gone Home Review

Lets just get this out of the way now.Gone Home is one of the one of the best told stories in recent years.

So while I wait for my copy of GTA 5 to show up I thought that I might as well look at some indie games and I had heard some great things about Gone Home.
I was not expecting to be as good as it was.
Since the game is only an hour and a half long I won't say anything about the story in this review because it is best when you have no idea what to expect.
What I will be focusing on in this review is how they told the story and why I think more games should be like this.

The thing that is so great here is that the story is all told through interacting with the world around.The one and only real game mechanic in the game is picking up objects which makes you feal more apart of the story that the game is telling.
Gone Home is set in the 90's and they nailed the look.down to all the VCR tapes that had labels on them showing what movies are recorded on them,and there's super Nintendo games laying around that make this house that you are in feel real.

I guess I can say that much about the story.It's set all in a house.There that's all I'll tell you.

As I said at the beginning I don't want to say anymore because you just need to see it for yourself.
But what I can say is that I wish there were more games like this.That just let you wonder around and figure it out for yourself.
The game respects the gamers intelligence so it doesn't feel the need to use objective markers to get you to the next point.
The great thing about games like this is that you are far more likely to get invested in the characters and there motivations.

This is what games like,Portal,The Last of us,and the grandaddy of them all Half-Life.
Games that let you lead the story at your own pace and encourage you to look around and learn more about the world around you.
Half-Life would seem like a simple story if you just ran through the game not paying attention at the back round details.
Or Portal if everyone just ran through we would have never known the cake is a lie.considering after the game came out no one would shut up about maybe that would be a good thing.
Just kidding, The story in Portal will live on as one of the best...if only I played it when it came out.I could have avoided all the shocked reactions when someone would find out that I never played Portal....that would have been great.

Also I just want to say that instead of me putting up stuff every other day I'm going to post on Tuesdays and Fridays.
It will make my job easier and make my post allot better.