The Witcher 2 Review

I'm just going to come out and say that I'm not the biggest RPG player so it takes something special to make me sit through a 40 hour story.What takes me out of the experience is that most RPGs I've played have just okay combat,if a game has cool weapons to use then they should be fun to use.I didn't find the combat in skyrim was fun at first but got old very quick and I lost interest.

I played Witcher 2 ten hours at a ya I think you now how I feel about this game.
The story focuses on Geralt a Rivia who is a body guard for King Foltest after he prevented an assassination on the King at the end of the first game.He gets accused of a crime he didn't commit and he sets out to clear his name and hunt the real culprit.Along the way you will run into an interest cast of Characters who will either help or try to stop Geralt from the truth.
As you discover more of the plot you start to get the feeling like your a part of a much bigger conflict and it will get overwhelming at time but i think that may have to do with that fact that these games take place after the six book series of the same name,keep your wiki close because you will need it to understand fully on whats going on.

The game is split into three acts with prologue and epilogue chapter acting as bookends.If you rush through the game it will take you around twenty hours to complete but I recommend taking your time so that you can enjoy the world your in and get the best gear you can because the games difficulty will ramp up big time if you don't.
The Witcher 2 has an oldschool design to it so don't expect much hand holding here.If you want to beat the game it will be by your wits and skill as a player alone.
There are even some dialog options that will kill you or set you up for a fight that you have no hope of winning.

There are side quest you can do that you can do and most are fun and you will want to do them for that reason,not just to grind XP.Some you can just stumble across as you're wondering around with that stand out being a journey through a haunted hospital.My personal favorite was a mission were you have to go talk to a troll that's drunk on vodka...that's the kind of world The Witcher is set in.

but like I said at the start of the review the reason I played this game for so long was the awesome combat.
You have a variety of combat moves that you can use.You have you're standard light,heavy attacks,blocks and riposte's you can you but you also have magic.There are five spells in total which will let you cast fire balls,push an enemy with a chance of stunning him,casting a shield that blocks all damage from the first hit,a trap to stun enemy's for a short time and a spell that can turn an enemy to your side.
All of these are needed if you want to be the most effective.
one RPG habit you will have to unlearn like spamming heath potion's in the middle of a fight,you can't use and of you're potion's while you are fighting and there isn't even heath potion's in this game.
The way potion's work here is that they act as buff's like giving you faster heath regen or more sword damage to certain enemy types.
You will need to drink these while meditating,which will need to be done before a fight starts so if you are walking around and you think a fight in coming up,start meditating and dope you're self up.
If you take the time to prepare then the game won't be as hard.If you don't the game will not hold back and it will kill you until you figure it out or you quit.
The only thing I don't like is that if you always make sure you have the best gear the game will get a little to easy when you are fight just common enemies but then ramp it up for the boss fight's which makes it feel a little uneven,but that's just me nitpicking.

This is a game that was made for the PC and it shows in the level of detail in the world,the game looks incredible and it play's well to,even if you don't have a top of the line gaming rig the game still looks great on the lower setting's.I did have some problems getting it to run at a steady 60 FPS but that had to do more with my rig then the game itself.
I also noticed some problems with the AI,some enemies would attack me,I say some NPC's run straight into wall's and just keep on walking,also all the NPC's didn't have any problem with me walking into there house and stealing all of the gold,but I think if I can say some one walk into my house who looked like Geralt I don't think I would say anything either.

In closing if you are a fan of RPG's and love the Fantasy setting you owe it to you're self to play The Wicher 2.
The game has the right blend of combat and story to make for a compelling game that you shouldn't miss.