Call Of Duty:Ghosts Review

I have one question for you,have you played any of the Modern Warfare game's before?
Then you have played this.

There was once a time when i would look forward to the new Call Of Duty,But that time has long passed.
What used to be the peak of FPS action has turned into the yearly cash grab we have now.

I need to make one thing clear,this Review will focus on the singleplayer portion of the game because in my opinion the multiplayer is still fun if you've enjoyed it up to this point.
As for me.I don't have the time it takes to be able to compete like I used.So with that out of the way,let's dive into the ocean of problems that is Call Of Duty:Ghosts.

As the game opens a narrator tells about a legendary stealth unit only know as "The Ghosts". They specialize in taking down there enemies using stealth and Gorilla tactics to win the day.
As the camera fades in we find that the narrator is our characters father,who we find out later is also a ghost and he has been training his two sons all there lives to one day also become ghosts.
Around the end of the first third of the game you're father tells about a man named Rorke,he wants to destroy all the ghost for leaving him to die..ok going to stop you there game.
Can we make it a rule that revenge can't be the only motive for our villain,why?. Because it's boring,overdone,and the story writers of this game should think of something else or pack it up.
It amazes me that there are people out there who think that this is a good story.
I look back a Black ops 2 which also had a villain who's primary motivation was getting revenge on America for killing his sister,but at least with that game it makes some sense.
The whole invading America at the end got a little insane but it was doing well up until that point.
Here they make up some dumb reasons about he was captured by the south Americans and turned to there side,but if it wasn't for the brief narration in between chapters we wouldn't even know that much.Here's an idea,instead of just telling us what happened,show us.Gaming is an interactive media so why not take advantage of it.

But enough about the story lets get into some gameplay....lower all brain functions ye who enter here.

As I said before if you've played Call Of Duty, you've played this.
The game still has the fast paced action that we've come to know.This time around was getting a little bored just sitting behind cover,firing away at the enemies.
So I started just standing out in the open letting them get a good look at me before I(with the help of the aim assist that is turned on by default)would gun them down.
Even with this I was finding the combat boring and I just wanted it over with. Soon enough there were to many enemies shooting at me that I was forced to take cover.
You might be thinking that this is were I found the combat to be engaging, but all it did was give me a lot of time to look at all the bad texture work that I think the developers were hoping to slip by us unnoticed,but if they wanted to do that maybe make it so i can take a few more shots before going down so I don't have to spend all that time looking at textures from 2007.

I have the same problem with this game that I have with most shooters today.Its not interested in giving us an engaging shooter to play,it wants to send us on a site seeing tour that has as much interaction with the world as a rail shooter. Yes you can run around freely but there's no point other then looking to see how many of the bad textures the developers tried to slip by us.
There is a point in the game were you breach a door in slow motion("never seen that before")and I did this without firing off a single shot,my allies did it for me.
There is almost no reason for you to be there other then to look at all the explosions and bad character drama, And is it just me or is this series starting to repeat itself.

Tell if this rings a bell.You sneak into a base,or I should say your squadmates do,you just tag along.You shoot some dudes,find some info to move the plot along,something goes wrong,stuff blows up,You sprint out of the base behind your squadmate as he screams,"COME ON!LETS MOVE! WERE GETTING OUT OF HERE! THIS WAY!". IT seems weird that a series that has ripped off popular action movies for it's set piece moments is so desperate that it's starting to rip off it's self.Its a rip off of a rip off(insert Inception joke here).
I would talk about the dog gameplay but considering you only get to use him for about ten minutes it's not worth mentioning.

If you think that I am hating on COD because that's the popular thing to do then you would be wrong.
I've been with this series since it started so to see it turn from one of the best shooters around to this garbage that gets released year after year is painful to say the least.

Don't buy this game even if you do enjoy the multiplayer, Just keep playing Black ops 2.
At least that game let you use a wrist-mounted grenade launcher.