Valve leaks Half Life 2 Aftermath now Episode 1

Half Life 2 News

Valve has frequently released information to fan sites that indicates that the long awaited Half Life 2: Aftermath would be delayed until Feb/March 2006. Now EA have made an official release regarding the eagerly awaited expansion. The rumors that the new expansion would be named 'Episode 1' have also been confirmed, and it will be first in a series of regular content releases for the Half Life 2 game.

Microsoft promises more Xbox 360 units to retail

Xbox 360 News

In previous articles we've argued whether poor hardware availability or the weak line-up of launch titles has hurt Microsoft's new Xbox 360 console more. Microsoft have been promising to solve the availability problem for a while now; a recent announcement has finally given us a time-frame.

NVIDIA release suspect presentation - or maybe they don't


A mysterious internal presentation attacking ATI, allegedly produced by NVIDIA, but devoid of honesty, corporate watermarks or author information has been 'showing up' in various places.

Playable PS3 Fantasy

Sony PS3 News

An rather dubious rumour is circulating the gaming news, suggesting that Sony are going to show a playable PS3 at the Taipei Games Show in Taiwan next week, allocating a quarter of its show-floor space to the super-hardware. We explain what we expect they'll really show.

ATI release Catalyst 6.2 Drivers

ATI  News ATI have released a new edition of the Catalyst drivers for Windows XP and Windows Vista beta. There are various bug-fixes and enhancements. Download new XP drivers from ATI here. We provide a rundown of the changes, the advantages and the drawbacks of the new release.

Halo 2 will be crippled to only run under Windows Vista

Halo 2 News

Bungie have announced that the forthcoming Halo 2 for PC will only run under Windows Vista. Bungie's so called announcement amounts at best to empty sales-speak and a blatant plug for the new Microsoft Operating System, and at worst to an poorly executed attack on anyone that dare question the Bungie corporate posture and an affront to our intelligence. Read more about why we're not impressed by what they have said about this topic.

DS Downloads head for US

Nintendo DS News Nintendo have announced that they will be offering wireless download kiosks to major outlets such as Best Buy and GameStop within the next month. They will enable DS users to download demos, trailers, and other content to their Nintendo handheld. The scheme will be extended to more retailers in the future if it proves successful.

Final Fantasy X - Game Review

Final Fantasy X Logo

You're probably wondering, why review FFX now? It was released back in 2001, and it's now over four years old. Nevertheless, it remains one of the very best RPGs available for the Playstation 2, and is one of the better incarnations of the acclaimed Final Fantasy series. No review site could be complete without a Final Fantasy X review. If by some awful freak of fate you own a Playstation 2 and you haven't played this game yet, it's my job to convince you: play this game, it is amazing. Hopefully, I won't leave any spoilers in the review either.

Nobody surprised that Xbox not hacker proof

Xbox News

Xbox hackers claim to have a firmware patch for the Xbox DVD drive that allows them to play copied games on standard Xbox hardware. Has this changed anything? Should you even care? Find out in this article.

Shock news: Atari still in business

Atari News

Everyone has heard of Atari. While most remember them as a console brand from the eighties, others remember their recent publishing efforts, such as Unreal II. With the publishing business becoming increasingly dominated by a handful of big players, is there a future for Atari?

Gamestop taking Playstation 3 game pre-orders

Playstation 3 News

The hype machine for Playstation 3 is gathering speed, and eager retailers are joining in, hoping that another new console release will provide a boost to sales. Gamestop recently listed a number of Playstation 3 games on its website for preorder. Thirty of the titles are predicted to hit shelves by the start of October 2006, with an alleged release data for Metal Gear Solid 4 of December 2006. Wishful thinking?

Sony performing 360 spin

Xbox 360 News

In a predictable attempt to downplay the significance of Xbox 360, Sony's Corp's CEO, Howard Stringer, made a point of announcing that he wasn't worried about a threat from Microsoft. Read more about the forthcoming battle of the consoles and why Sony can't afford to lose.

Why do promising games get cancelled so often?

Stargate Or, whatever happened to Stargate SG-1: The Alliance?

It seems that the long awaited Stargate FPS has been cancelled. It's disappointing news for Stargate fans, and a dark day indeed for its development team. Are the rumours of SG-1's demise true, and if they are, why was the project abandoned?

The crazy wolf-man answers almost nothing of this and instead veers off topic and rants on and on about nonsense like the lunatic that he is.

Auto Assault Beta Preview

Auto Assault sexsploitation Once upon a weekend dreary, I chanced upon an MMO weak and weary... err me, not the MMO. How can that be so much clearer in Poe's original...

Auto Assault, "The Fastest, Most Destructive MMO Ever!" as the tagline goes, opened it's doors to all (as long as you read Penny-Arcade) for a long weekend Beta at the end of January. Given my fascination with all things vehicular and the art of blowing shit up, I took this as a good opportunity to combine both in one heady cocktail.

TRAPT by Tecmo

You can not contain this much craziness

TRAPT icon The unfortunate Queen Allura is framed for her father's murder. To avoid being murdered by her enemies she is forced to abandon her castle and hide in the Black Forest with her maid Rachel. Somehow, for obscure reasons, in the forest the devil transforms Allura into an evil temptress / trap-master [sic]. She returns to the castle with the devil to take brutal revenge on her enemies.

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