Trackmania Nations

Trackmania Nations

If you haven't heard of Trackmania Nations now's as good a time as any to download its deceptively small installer (265Mb*) and have some fun with what appears to be a combination between a fairly decent race sim and an 8 year old kid's vision of what a race track should be.

Dashboard Update for Xbox 360 Live

Xbox 360 round button

First we were told the update to the 360 dashboard wasn't supposed to happen until March. It was released last night. This change in release schedule is quite a turnaround. Is this the full 'mega patch' that was promised for March, or a cut-down version designed to address something urgent?

Dead or Alive 4 still not very lively

Dead or Alive 4 Review

From the slew of previews it's possible to work out what's happened with DOA4. Not only did this crucial title slip and miss the US launch, but it's still not ready - that doesn't mean they aren't prepared to ship it though...

Auto Assault Beta Weekend

Auto Assault Beta

So, NCSoft "decided to give Penny Arcade as many keys as they had readers" for a beta weekend in what would seem to amount to a stress-test of their new MMO, Auto Assault. Penny Arcade Beta Weekend Signup Auto Assault Site

Now, I don't know if the problem lies with or NCSoft, but the signup would seem to be rather... spotty at best.

Nintendo slims down with "DS Lite" release

Nintendo DS News

Not only have Nintendo posted strong profit figures, but they have announced the forthcoming release of a slimmer, lighter DS handheld. Allegedly, the Japanese launch will be in March, priced at the equivalent of US$145. They also expect to release in the US and Europe, but there is no information on how long after the Japanese launch this will be.

Hold Your Revolution by Christmas

Nintendo Revolution News

Nintendo Revolution to ship in US by Thanksgiving.

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