Speculative information on games and hardware that are yet to be released: all the hype the publisher's sales team made up, and some of our own too.

Auto Assault Beta Preview

Auto Assault sexsploitation Once upon a weekend dreary, I chanced upon an MMO weak and weary... err me, not the MMO. How can that be so much clearer in Poe's original...

Auto Assault, "The Fastest, Most Destructive MMO Ever!" as the tagline goes, opened it's doors to all (as long as you read Penny-Arcade) for a long weekend Beta at the end of January. Given my fascination with all things vehicular and the art of blowing shit up, I took this as a good opportunity to combine both in one heady cocktail.

TRAPT by Tecmo

You can not contain this much craziness

TRAPT icon The unfortunate Queen Allura is framed for her father's murder. To avoid being murdered by her enemies she is forced to abandon her castle and hide in the Black Forest with her maid Rachel. Somehow, for obscure reasons, in the forest the devil transforms Allura into an evil temptress / trap-master [sic]. She returns to the castle with the devil to take brutal revenge on her enemies.

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