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Review: Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)

*** (out of ****)

Voices: Mikey Kelley, David Kaye, Jim Ward, Kevin Michael Richardson, Mona Marshall

RATCHET & CLANK offers good, but not great, entertainment. Despite the silliness of its plot, this “space opera” adventure from Insomniac Games features a variety of competently-designed levels, a good deal of sci-fi weaponry, and a group of characters that, for the most part, do not take themselves too seriously. RATCHET & CLANK is a fun diversion, although it is not a game that will be regarded as a classic.

Review: Kingdom Hearts

**** (out of ****)

Review-- Star Wars: Battlefront II

Rating: *** ½ (out of ****)

Grand Theft Auto Series - A Retrospective

Grand Theft Auto Series Retrospective Title"How can you possible review GTA?" Is probably the first question that occurs to people, and the second is "Why would you possibly review GTA?"

I don't think there's any point in discussing whether this game (series) is successful (it is), whether it's what people want (obviously, they do want it), or making any attempt to "bring it to people's notice", because now, everyone, absolutely everyone knows what GTA is. Most console gamers have probably played a GTA game, and some may even have finished one.

I look at the gap between what people perceive GTA to be, and what it actually is. The gap tells us something about the phenomena of successful games; not just the game of GTA, but the way it has evolved, the machine that made it a massive success, and also how these events relate to game-development and game-design.

Final Fantasy X - Game Review

Final Fantasy X Logo

You're probably wondering, why review FFX now? It was released back in 2001, and it's now over four years old. Nevertheless, it remains one of the very best RPGs available for the Playstation 2, and is one of the better incarnations of the acclaimed Final Fantasy series. No review site could be complete without a Final Fantasy X review. If by some awful freak of fate you own a Playstation 2 and you haven't played this game yet, it's my job to convince you: play this game, it is amazing. Hopefully, I won't leave any spoilers in the review either.

TRAPT by Tecmo

You can not contain this much craziness

TRAPT icon The unfortunate Queen Allura is framed for her father's murder. To avoid being murdered by her enemies she is forced to abandon her castle and hide in the Black Forest with her maid Rachel. Somehow, for obscure reasons, in the forest the devil transforms Allura into an evil temptress / trap-master [sic]. She returns to the castle with the devil to take brutal revenge on her enemies.

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