Twitch gaming, first or third person, with an emphasis on reactions and movie style action.

Ninja Gaiden 2 Review

So after my Ninja Gaiden 3 rant a few weeks backs I decided to go back and see if Ninja Gaiden 2 still holds up.The last time I played it was when I was fifteen so who knows.

You play as Ryu Hayabusa, a member of the Dragon lineage.
After an attack on Hayabusa village(no really that's what it's called) an artifact gets stolen that can bring back the arch fiend..oh ya I guess I should mention that the demons in this game are call fiends,alright moving on.
Ryu sets out to reclaim the artifact and that's all the story that you get.

Left 4 Dead: the name says it all~

For this review I decided I wanted to do a game developed by Turtle Rock Studios, later purchased by the well-known Valve. This game is known as “Left 4 Dead”. For starters I am a huge zombie slaughtering fan, this game appealed to me for that reason (it has mass amounts of zombie killing in it duh...). Basically, an outbreak of zombies, originating from the “green flu” hits Pennsylvania and begins to turn people into zombies. This sets up four survivors who meet and have to work together to get to safety.

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