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Magecraft review - new MMORTS game on Facebook

I was going to write a review on “MageCraft” by Plarium for a long time now. So, finally, I’ve found a time to do it.

Like all the other games created by Plarium, “MageCraft” has excellent graphics – everything looks very nice, a true eye candy. I should also say that the interface is quite convenient.

Go Fishing "Review"

This was submitted by "Anna" at go-games.org, and is basically advertising on their part, but they put some effort into it and it's somewhat informative, so I'm putting it up despite the fact that they are more than a little complimentary of their own game :)

Title: Go Fishing
Developer: Go Games

With the amount of Facebook games released in the past years, one would expect an abundance of stylish, original games that would range in their diversity to fit any niche imaginable. That’s the theory. The practice, as it stands, is that the majority of these games’ names end with a –Ville or –Farm suffix, developed solely to profit on the success of their popular predecessors.

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