First Person Shooter Games (FPS), such as Doom, Quake, Unreal and Half Life Third Person Shooter Games, such as Gears of War

Call Of Duty:Ghosts Review

I have one question for you,have you played any of the Modern Warfare game's before?
Then you have played this.

The Bureau-xcom Declassified

I've been thinking lately and I've come to realize that it has been a long time since we had a good Squad-based Shooter. The last good one I can remember was GRAW 2(Ghost recon advanced warfighter 2).It has been six years since that game came out and after playing xcom Declassified....the wait goes on.

Review-- Star Wars: Battlefront II

Rating: *** ½ (out of ****)

Valve leaks Half Life 2 Aftermath now Episode 1

Half Life 2 News

Valve has frequently released information to fan sites that indicates that the long awaited Half Life 2: Aftermath would be delayed until Feb/March 2006. Now EA have made an official release regarding the eagerly awaited expansion. The rumors that the new expansion would be named 'Episode 1' have also been confirmed, and it will be first in a series of regular content releases for the Half Life 2 game.

Halo 2 will be crippled to only run under Windows Vista

Halo 2 News

Bungie have announced that the forthcoming Halo 2 for PC will only run under Windows Vista. Bungie's so called announcement amounts at best to empty sales-speak and a blatant plug for the new Microsoft Operating System, and at worst to an poorly executed attack on anyone that dare question the Bungie corporate posture and an affront to our intelligence. Read more about why we're not impressed by what they have said about this topic.

Play Day of Defeat: Source for Free

Day of Defeat: Source

The nice people at Valve will be making Day of Defeat: Source available to play for free on Steam this weekend (10th - 12th).

Why do promising games get cancelled so often?

Stargate Or, whatever happened to Stargate SG-1: The Alliance?

It seems that the long awaited Stargate FPS has been cancelled. It's disappointing news for Stargate fans, and a dark day indeed for its development team. Are the rumours of SG-1's demise true, and if they are, why was the project abandoned?

The crazy wolf-man answers almost nothing of this and instead veers off topic and rants on and on about nonsense like the lunatic that he is.

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