Action / Platformers

Freeform action games that aren't a simulation of some sport, but where the emphasis is on control and dexterity. Usually there is some kind of plot or story. For example, games with a lot of jumping, and some sort of simple combat system, such as the new Prince of Persia series, God of War, Jak and Dexter, Conker's, etc.

Doritos Crash Course: It is good to be competitive, right?

I was suggested to do a platform game, usually not my style, but I tried it. This game was developed by Wanako Games, this game is known as Doritos Crash Course (Or as most people call it, Avatar Crash Course). Yes a platform game that takes your own very personal avatar through hell to get to the finish line.

Review: Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank (PlayStation 2)

*** (out of ****)

Voices: Mikey Kelley, David Kaye, Jim Ward, Kevin Michael Richardson, Mona Marshall

RATCHET & CLANK offers good, but not great, entertainment. Despite the silliness of its plot, this “space opera” adventure from Insomniac Games features a variety of competently-designed levels, a good deal of sci-fi weaponry, and a group of characters that, for the most part, do not take themselves too seriously. RATCHET & CLANK is a fun diversion, although it is not a game that will be regarded as a classic.

Review: Kingdom Hearts

**** (out of ****)

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

*** ½ (out of ****)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Version 2)

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Nintendo 64)

***1/2 (out of ****)

Assassin's Creed Review

AC Review TitleAssassin's Creed (AC) is in many ways a successor to the Prince of Persia (PoP) series. It brings a sci-fi twist to the story, and perhaps a hint of modern politics, but I wouldn't say that it's more adult than PoP because of this, as in many ways, despite the fairytale setting, PoP was quite an adult product. I mean by this that it never felt as if the developers of PoP were talking down to their audience, and reassuringly, the same is true of AC.

The basic experience of playing AC is one that tends to initial interest and excitement as the game introduces itself, followed by a period where repeating various tasks in the game begins to become tedious. However, persistence rewards the player with the skill to trivially execute the more repetitive tasks quite quickly, and they cease to represent a chore. It is only in the latter stage that the game begins to show its true form, and remains satisfyingly engaging until the end.

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