Unusual games

Weird games that are so innovative that they don't fit into one of the established categories.

Gone Home Review

Lets just get this out of the way now.Gone Home is one of the one of the best told stories in recent years.

So while I wait for my copy of GTA 5 to show up I thought that I might as well look at some indie games and I had heard some great things about Gone Home.
I was not expecting to be as good as it was.
Since the game is only an hour and a half long I won't say anything about the story in this review because it is best when you have no idea what to expect.
What I will be focusing on in this review is how they told the story and why I think more games should be like this.

TRAPT by Tecmo

You can not contain this much craziness

TRAPT icon The unfortunate Queen Allura is framed for her father's murder. To avoid being murdered by her enemies she is forced to abandon her castle and hide in the Black Forest with her maid Rachel. Somehow, for obscure reasons, in the forest the devil transforms Allura into an evil temptress / trap-master [sic]. She returns to the castle with the devil to take brutal revenge on her enemies.

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