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Games that involve races or time trials, usually with cars, but sometimes with boats, snowboarders or imaginary futuristic vehicles

Mario Kart 8 Review

Mario kart 8 Review

This review is my first and I will cover different parts of the game under different sections. I will be covering (concept , gameplay , controls ,Modes , visuals , replay value , online and final score) so lets begin.


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Hard Truck 2/King of the Road

Ahh, Hard Truck childhood. My mother and father had joint custody of me seven years ago when they both lived in the same province, and whenever I'd go to my father's on the weekends, I couldn't wait to play this. He had this game sitting around on his shelves and never played it (preferring instead to play hunting simulators as well as Hard Truck 2's successors, the 18 Wheels of Steel series), but I made good use of it. Though at my young age, I just preferred to drive around.

Need For Speed ProStreet Review

Need For Speed Pro-Street TitleProStreet is a game with an identity crisis, and I think a lot of people who buy it are going to be either confused or irritated by this. It's also riddled with annoying bugs, though it is largely playable.

While ProStreet gives the initial impression that it's something to do with street racing, it's not. In fact, ProStreet is all about track racing, albeit production cars. In fact, the name sould probably have been ProTrack, suggesting production track racing. The closest equivalent product, and seemingly the inspiration for much of the content of the actual game is Gran Turismo A-Spec. The 'street' element of this game is almost entirely window dressing. The badly designed, and difficult to use menu system attempts to affect a bit of the US ricer/street-racer culture style, and there is an extremely annoying commentator who attempts to inject a little bit of street colour into proceedings, but make no mistake, this game is substantially different from its aging predecessor "Need For Speed: Underground 2", which was about actual street racing. The 'Pro' part, whether it's supposed to mean professional or production, is suitable enough I suppose, but you can forget the street - many of the tracks are not even substantially urban.

Grand Theft Auto Series - A Retrospective

Grand Theft Auto Series Retrospective Title"How can you possible review GTA?" Is probably the first question that occurs to people, and the second is "Why would you possibly review GTA?"

I don't think there's any point in discussing whether this game (series) is successful (it is), whether it's what people want (obviously, they do want it), or making any attempt to "bring it to people's notice", because now, everyone, absolutely everyone knows what GTA is. Most console gamers have probably played a GTA game, and some may even have finished one.

I look at the gap between what people perceive GTA to be, and what it actually is. The gap tells us something about the phenomena of successful games; not just the game of GTA, but the way it has evolved, the machine that made it a massive success, and also how these events relate to game-development and game-design.

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