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Microsoft makes fat profit on Xbox 360 controllers

Xbox 360 News

Reports that it costs Microsoft only $11 to manufacture an Xbox 360 wireless controller that sells for $50 put another nail in the coffin of the crazy theories that Microsoft currently makes a massive loss on their console business - software revenues not withstanding.

More of Moore on Xbox 360

Xbox 360 News

Peter Moore of Microsoft had a good deal to say at the DICE Summit in the quiet little desert town of Las Vegas. Besides trying to kid us that Windows Vista is a completely new games platform, he was very enthusiastic about Xbox 360. We repeat some of the things he said and then compare them to reality for your amusement.

Nintendo's Opera for the DS sings of Mobile Digital TV Card

Nintendo DS News

Nintendo have announced that they will release a fully-functional version of the Opera Web Browser for the Nintendo DS handheld.

They also intend to release a digital television tuner card, which will allow Japanese gamers to tune into terrestrial digital broadcasts that will be part of a new service for mobile users launching in April.

Read more about Nintendo's announcements at a recent Japanese press conference.

Xbox 360 security shows more cracks

Xbox 360 News

Xbox-Scene has posted a full write up of work done by people at 360GameSaves on opening up the Xbox 360 hard-drive and memory cards. It is now possible to get saved games from an internet database or to use cheats to modify saved games.

Microsoft promises more Xbox 360 units to retail

Xbox 360 News

In previous articles we've argued whether poor hardware availability or the weak line-up of launch titles has hurt Microsoft's new Xbox 360 console more. Microsoft have been promising to solve the availability problem for a while now; a recent announcement has finally given us a time-frame.

Playable PS3 Fantasy

Sony PS3 News

An rather dubious rumour is circulating the gaming news, suggesting that Sony are going to show a playable PS3 at the Taipei Games Show in Taiwan next week, allocating a quarter of its show-floor space to the super-hardware. We explain what we expect they'll really show.

Nobody surprised that Xbox not hacker proof

Xbox News

Xbox hackers claim to have a firmware patch for the Xbox DVD drive that allows them to play copied games on standard Xbox hardware. Has this changed anything? Should you even care? Find out in this article.

Sony performing 360 spin

Xbox 360 News

In a predictable attempt to downplay the significance of Xbox 360, Sony's Corp's CEO, Howard Stringer, made a point of announcing that he wasn't worried about a threat from Microsoft. Read more about the forthcoming battle of the consoles and why Sony can't afford to lose.

Hold Your Revolution by Christmas

Nintendo Revolution News

Nintendo Revolution to ship in US by Thanksgiving.

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