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Welcome to Game-Review.Org

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The objective of Game-Review.Org is to create a site that anyone can use to search for, read or post game reviews and other game related information and news. If you're looking for something in particular and you can't find it, why not let us know? Read more about features we have planned, or sign up now for full forum access. Anonymous users cannot post on our forums without signing up.

Automated user creation has been disabled due to determined and persistent spambot attacks on the user creation process. Knocking back the endless number of bogus user create attempts in the approval queue was a drain. Spamming user create requests is pointless: users are created manually by the administrator. All spam users and their spam will be deleted without notification.

All you need to become a member is an email address, which is kept private. Go to the contact us form and send us your email address and convince us that you're not a bot...

Please be patient with your user requests. Users are created by hand, and it sometimes doesn't happen for a while. It is very rare for a user request to be rejected, so if you don't get an email with your login details right away, you probably will do one day; I'm just slow.

The platforms menu and taxonomy has been updated to be a bit less retro. If you have any Oculus Rift reviews, feel free to post them and I'll add a category for them too...

New Hosting Hardware

Game-Review.Org Site News Icon has been moved to new web hosting hardware so I can maintain it more easily. The new server is much faster than the old one, but the old one was more than fast enough anyway, so you are unlikely to notice any difference.

About Game-Review.Org

What is Game-Review.Org ?

Game-Review.Org is a site where you can read game reviews, comment on game reviews and write your own game reviews. We also intend to review computer and console hardware, particularly peripherals used for gaming, such as controllers, steering wheels, even TVs and monitors.

Become a Game-Review.Org staff member

If you are interested in writing about games, use the Contact Us form to apply to become a staff member. Now's your chance to get in at the beginning. If you want to send us a single article or review, you can do that too in just the same way. To see your reviews here you need to send them to us - do it now.

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