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Neo Scavenger

Have you ever played a game that is so incredibly hard, that you can't get past the first level or a challenging part of a game that you can beat no matter how hard you try or how much you change your strategy. Neo Scavenger is the embodiment of that idea. Neo Scavenger is about micromanaging your stats, having food and water, not freezing to death, finding a vehicle and a weapon while trying to get to Detroit. I never got to Detroit. Sometimes you get lucky and find a safe, some snack cakes and a pistol. Other times, you end up with 15 shards.

Wind of Luck: Arena, new MOBA naval battle game

The beginning of September is the synonym for fresh starts, so the studio Trazzy Entertainment, developers of a nice pirate shooter "Revenge of Roger Rouge" decided it is the right time to present their latest game. By looking at the game’s logo and screenshots, you can tell that this is a high seas themed game. Indeed, is there a player that never wished to became a captain and sail the seven seas?

The Witcher 2 Review

I'm just going to come out and say that I'm not the biggest RPG player so it takes something special to make me sit through a 40 hour story.What takes me out of the experience is that most RPGs I've played have just okay combat,if a game has cool weapons to use then they should be fun to use.I didn't find the combat in skyrim was fun at first but got old very quick and I lost interest.

I played Witcher 2 ten hours at a ya I think you now how I feel about this game.

Gone Home Review

Lets just get this out of the way now.Gone Home is one of the one of the best told stories in recent years.

So while I wait for my copy of GTA 5 to show up I thought that I might as well look at some indie games and I had heard some great things about Gone Home.
I was not expecting to be as good as it was.
Since the game is only an hour and a half long I won't say anything about the story in this review because it is best when you have no idea what to expect.
What I will be focusing on in this review is how they told the story and why I think more games should be like this.

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Castle Crashers: A smashing, shitting and shocking game.

Castle Crashers is a hilarious 2D RPG co-op game. Filled with hilarious bosses and NPCs it requires a "mature" mind to enjoy. With duels for the princess's kiss and deer who are propelled by shit, it is a rather diverse game. The game could be compared to Borderlands 2 for it's hilarious content, but nothing to do with the gameplay. With the fire, ice, lightning, arrow, and poison knight the campaign can be played by up to 4 players at a time. The knights have only a few attacks but the combos of these can unleash devestating magic and sword attacks.

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Review - Droid Assault

Droid Assault is a independent game available on Steam for $5. Droid Assault is developed by PuppyGames and is a ingenious piece of work that combines old gameplay with new effects and abilities. The game follows a traditional "get as far as you can" method of scoring found in arcade machines, though it is divided into sections, so you can start the game from any one section after completing it.

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Hard Truck 2/King of the Road

Ahh, Hard Truck childhood. My mother and father had joint custody of me seven years ago when they both lived in the same province, and whenever I'd go to my father's on the weekends, I couldn't wait to play this. He had this game sitting around on his shelves and never played it (preferring instead to play hunting simulators as well as Hard Truck 2's successors, the 18 Wheels of Steel series), but I made good use of it. Though at my young age, I just preferred to drive around.

Need For Speed ProStreet Review

Need For Speed Pro-Street TitleProStreet is a game with an identity crisis, and I think a lot of people who buy it are going to be either confused or irritated by this. It's also riddled with annoying bugs, though it is largely playable.

While ProStreet gives the initial impression that it's something to do with street racing, it's not. In fact, ProStreet is all about track racing, albeit production cars. In fact, the name sould probably have been ProTrack, suggesting production track racing. The closest equivalent product, and seemingly the inspiration for much of the content of the actual game is Gran Turismo A-Spec. The 'street' element of this game is almost entirely window dressing. The badly designed, and difficult to use menu system attempts to affect a bit of the US ricer/street-racer culture style, and there is an extremely annoying commentator who attempts to inject a little bit of street colour into proceedings, but make no mistake, this game is substantially different from its aging predecessor "Need For Speed: Underground 2", which was about actual street racing. The 'Pro' part, whether it's supposed to mean professional or production, is suitable enough I suppose, but you can forget the street - many of the tracks are not even substantially urban.

Grand Theft Auto Series - A Retrospective

Grand Theft Auto Series Retrospective Title"How can you possible review GTA?" Is probably the first question that occurs to people, and the second is "Why would you possibly review GTA?"

I don't think there's any point in discussing whether this game (series) is successful (it is), whether it's what people want (obviously, they do want it), or making any attempt to "bring it to people's notice", because now, everyone, absolutely everyone knows what GTA is. Most console gamers have probably played a GTA game, and some may even have finished one.

I look at the gap between what people perceive GTA to be, and what it actually is. The gap tells us something about the phenomena of successful games; not just the game of GTA, but the way it has evolved, the machine that made it a massive success, and also how these events relate to game-development and game-design.

Assassin's Creed Review

AC Review TitleAssassin's Creed (AC) is in many ways a successor to the Prince of Persia (PoP) series. It brings a sci-fi twist to the story, and perhaps a hint of modern politics, but I wouldn't say that it's more adult than PoP because of this, as in many ways, despite the fairytale setting, PoP was quite an adult product. I mean by this that it never felt as if the developers of PoP were talking down to their audience, and reassuringly, the same is true of AC.

The basic experience of playing AC is one that tends to initial interest and excitement as the game introduces itself, followed by a period where repeating various tasks in the game begins to become tedious. However, persistence rewards the player with the skill to trivially execute the more repetitive tasks quite quickly, and they cease to represent a chore. It is only in the latter stage that the game begins to show its true form, and remains satisfyingly engaging until the end.

US Top 10 PC Games for January

PC Games Chart News

World of Warcraft topped the sales charts in January with the assistance of its new expansion announcement. EA dominates the chart overall, with Microsoft making a fair showing. The Sims 2 continues to demonstrate the legendary Sims longevity, outselling its Nightlife expansion pack.

Half Life 2 Game Review - a retrospective

Half Life 2 Review

Back at the end of 2004 one of the most awaited games for PC ever was finally released. Delayed for a year due to a security breach and early problems with the Steam download and registration system, its arrival was anticipated by gamers for nearly two years. Half Life 2 made almost as big an impact as the original. Read why in the rest of this article.

SOE craft up new software bundle in quest for new subscribers

Sony Online News

In a desperate bid to lure in more punters, Sony Online Entertainment have assembled an affordable DVD based software bundle called the Station Access Collection that contains all their current online game products. Keep reading to see if we think this is a good deal...

Valve leaks Half Life 2 Aftermath now Episode 1

Half Life 2 News

Valve has frequently released information to fan sites that indicates that the long awaited Half Life 2: Aftermath would be delayed until Feb/March 2006. Now EA have made an official release regarding the eagerly awaited expansion. The rumors that the new expansion would be named 'Episode 1' have also been confirmed, and it will be first in a series of regular content releases for the Half Life 2 game.

NVIDIA release suspect presentation - or maybe they don't


A mysterious internal presentation attacking ATI, allegedly produced by NVIDIA, but devoid of honesty, corporate watermarks or author information has been 'showing up' in various places.

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