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ATI release Catalyst 6.2 Drivers

ATI  News ATI have released a new edition of the Catalyst drivers for Windows XP and Windows Vista beta. There are various bug-fixes and enhancements. Download new XP drivers from ATI here. We provide a rundown of the changes, the advantages and the drawbacks of the new release.

Halo 2 will be crippled to only run under Windows Vista

Halo 2 News

Bungie have announced that the forthcoming Halo 2 for PC will only run under Windows Vista. Bungie's so called announcement amounts at best to empty sales-speak and a blatant plug for the new Microsoft Operating System, and at worst to an poorly executed attack on anyone that dare question the Bungie corporate posture and an affront to our intelligence. Read more about why we're not impressed by what they have said about this topic.

Play Day of Defeat: Source for Free

Day of Defeat: Source

The nice people at Valve will be making Day of Defeat: Source available to play for free on Steam this weekend (10th - 12th).

Auto Assault Beta Preview

Auto Assault sexsploitation Once upon a weekend dreary, I chanced upon an MMO weak and weary... err me, not the MMO. How can that be so much clearer in Poe's original...

Auto Assault, "The Fastest, Most Destructive MMO Ever!" as the tagline goes, opened it's doors to all (as long as you read Penny-Arcade) for a long weekend Beta at the end of January. Given my fascination with all things vehicular and the art of blowing shit up, I took this as a good opportunity to combine both in one heady cocktail.

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