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Ninja Gaiden 2 Review

So after my Ninja Gaiden 3 rant a few weeks backs I decided to go back and see if Ninja Gaiden 2 still holds up.The last time I played it was when I was fifteen so who knows.

You play as Ryu Hayabusa, a member of the Dragon lineage.
After an attack on Hayabusa village(no really that's what it's called) an artifact gets stolen that can bring back the arch fiend..oh ya I guess I should mention that the demons in this game are call fiends,alright moving on.
Ryu sets out to reclaim the artifact and that's all the story that you get.

Doritos Crash Course: It is good to be competitive, right?

I was suggested to do a platform game, usually not my style, but I tried it. This game was developed by Wanako Games, this game is known as Doritos Crash Course (Or as most people call it, Avatar Crash Course). Yes a platform game that takes your own very personal avatar through hell to get to the finish line.

Left 4 Dead: the name says it all~

For this review I decided I wanted to do a game developed by Turtle Rock Studios, later purchased by the well-known Valve. This game is known as “Left 4 Dead”. For starters I am a huge zombie slaughtering fan, this game appealed to me for that reason (it has mass amounts of zombie killing in it duh...). Basically, an outbreak of zombies, originating from the “green flu” hits Pennsylvania and begins to turn people into zombies. This sets up four survivors who meet and have to work together to get to safety.

Need For Speed ProStreet Review

Need For Speed Pro-Street TitleProStreet is a game with an identity crisis, and I think a lot of people who buy it are going to be either confused or irritated by this. It's also riddled with annoying bugs, though it is largely playable.

While ProStreet gives the initial impression that it's something to do with street racing, it's not. In fact, ProStreet is all about track racing, albeit production cars. In fact, the name sould probably have been ProTrack, suggesting production track racing. The closest equivalent product, and seemingly the inspiration for much of the content of the actual game is Gran Turismo A-Spec. The 'street' element of this game is almost entirely window dressing. The badly designed, and difficult to use menu system attempts to affect a bit of the US ricer/street-racer culture style, and there is an extremely annoying commentator who attempts to inject a little bit of street colour into proceedings, but make no mistake, this game is substantially different from its aging predecessor "Need For Speed: Underground 2", which was about actual street racing. The 'Pro' part, whether it's supposed to mean professional or production, is suitable enough I suppose, but you can forget the street - many of the tracks are not even substantially urban.

Grand Theft Auto Series - A Retrospective

Grand Theft Auto Series Retrospective Title"How can you possible review GTA?" Is probably the first question that occurs to people, and the second is "Why would you possibly review GTA?"

I don't think there's any point in discussing whether this game (series) is successful (it is), whether it's what people want (obviously, they do want it), or making any attempt to "bring it to people's notice", because now, everyone, absolutely everyone knows what GTA is. Most console gamers have probably played a GTA game, and some may even have finished one.

I look at the gap between what people perceive GTA to be, and what it actually is. The gap tells us something about the phenomena of successful games; not just the game of GTA, but the way it has evolved, the machine that made it a massive success, and also how these events relate to game-development and game-design.

Assassin's Creed Review

AC Review TitleAssassin's Creed (AC) is in many ways a successor to the Prince of Persia (PoP) series. It brings a sci-fi twist to the story, and perhaps a hint of modern politics, but I wouldn't say that it's more adult than PoP because of this, as in many ways, despite the fairytale setting, PoP was quite an adult product. I mean by this that it never felt as if the developers of PoP were talking down to their audience, and reassuringly, the same is true of AC.

The basic experience of playing AC is one that tends to initial interest and excitement as the game introduces itself, followed by a period where repeating various tasks in the game begins to become tedious. However, persistence rewards the player with the skill to trivially execute the more repetitive tasks quite quickly, and they cease to represent a chore. It is only in the latter stage that the game begins to show its true form, and remains satisfyingly engaging until the end.

Microsoft makes fat profit on Xbox 360 controllers

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Reports that it costs Microsoft only $11 to manufacture an Xbox 360 wireless controller that sells for $50 put another nail in the coffin of the crazy theories that Microsoft currently makes a massive loss on their console business - software revenues not withstanding.

More of Moore on Xbox 360

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Peter Moore of Microsoft had a good deal to say at the DICE Summit in the quiet little desert town of Las Vegas. Besides trying to kid us that Windows Vista is a completely new games platform, he was very enthusiastic about Xbox 360. We repeat some of the things he said and then compare them to reality for your amusement.

Xbox 360 security shows more cracks

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Xbox-Scene has posted a full write up of work done by people at 360GameSaves on opening up the Xbox 360 hard-drive and memory cards. It is now possible to get saved games from an internet database or to use cheats to modify saved games.

Microsoft promises more Xbox 360 units to retail

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In previous articles we've argued whether poor hardware availability or the weak line-up of launch titles has hurt Microsoft's new Xbox 360 console more. Microsoft have been promising to solve the availability problem for a while now; a recent announcement has finally given us a time-frame.

Sony performing 360 spin

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In a predictable attempt to downplay the significance of Xbox 360, Sony's Corp's CEO, Howard Stringer, made a point of announcing that he wasn't worried about a threat from Microsoft. Read more about the forthcoming battle of the consoles and why Sony can't afford to lose.

Dashboard Update for Xbox 360 Live

Xbox 360 round button

First we were told the update to the 360 dashboard wasn't supposed to happen until March. It was released last night. This change in release schedule is quite a turnaround. Is this the full 'mega patch' that was promised for March, or a cut-down version designed to address something urgent?

Dead or Alive 4 still not very lively

Dead or Alive 4 Review

From the slew of previews it's possible to work out what's happened with DOA4. Not only did this crucial title slip and miss the US launch, but it's still not ready - that doesn't mean they aren't prepared to ship it though...

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